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Zahid Dewji is an artist, musician, and educator of East-African Indian decent based out of Houston, Texas. A graduate of New York University’s Music Education program, Zahid is an up-and-coming multimedia freelancer who has recently been published for his extensive illustration work in “A Simple Rebirth,” a four-volume poetry work by first-time author Samira R. Noorali. Aside from his personal and professional work as a visual artist, Zahid has helped produce and arrange musical projects for several independent artists and composers, and currently teaches piano, guitar, and music theory throughout the greater Houston area. As a composer for “There Is a New World Somewhere,” Zahid plans to bring his inquisitive fascination of well-written instrumental counterpoint combined with a genuine love of old-school southern music in order to provide an appropriate and meaningful musical framework for the film’s narrative.

Zahid has recently indulged his Eastern roots through the study of traditional Hindustani classical music by undertaking the tutelage of Sitar-virtuoso Srinivas Koumounduri, and hopes that his diverse taste and appreciation for world music will help to explore greater avenues in the creative process.